The Black Party presented by The Saint At Large is the most anticipated and most underground event on the gay dance calendar. After decades at Roseland ballroom, The Black Party will return for its second year in a Brooklyn warehouse. Held on the weekend closest to the vernal equinox, over 4000 attend this annual Rites of Spring fetish bacchanalia. Headline DJ is the great Danny Tenaglia. Below are ten things you need to know about the Black Party. Strap yourselves in, it’s gonna be a banging night!

1. The first Black Party was held in1980 at the private gay disco, Flamingo, on the second floor of a building on the SW corner of Broadway & Houston. The following year it moved to the new members only gay club, The Saint at 105 Second Avenue at 6th Street. The Saint At Large’s namesake is considered one of the most futuristic, architecturally and sonically sophisticated clubs (gay or straight) ever built. See it, watch the “Stories of The Saint” mini documentary series and see photos here.

2. Danny Tenaglia. Arguably, the best DJ on the planet rarely plays for a gay crowd. This will be his third appearance at The Black Party®, following last year’s peak hour performance and a blistering 9 hour set in 2011. A master of “the trip,” Tenaglia is known for his richly varied sets which seamlessly incorporate punishing tracks and knowing musical references. Check out his special “Black Party 2016 Hype Mix” here or below. See the full DJ line-up here.

3. The infamous Strange Live Acts. Did someone say flying fuck? Flesh hook suspension? Hot wax ritual? Japanese rope bondage? You get the picture (though cameras are not permitted).

4. What happens at The Black Party stays at The Black Party. No press, cameras or phones will be admitted to The Black Party. No one wants to see their ass in a sling—at least on Facebook—so attendees are asked to respect each other’s privacy and freedom of expression. Phones and cameras must be checked at the door. Security will confiscate the mobile device of any patron violating the no cellphone policy. Busted patrons can claim their phones at the end of the event after deleting all images from their phone, cloud, etc. There will be a separate phone check area before coat check. 

5. Sinks vs Kinks. The only kinks to be had at this year’s Black Party will be on the dancefloor. Those that occurred last year due to the event taking place in a raw warehouse space with little setup time have been assuredly eliminated. Look for new areas for bathrooms, changing into gear and the traditional “Love Lounge.”

6. Women welcome! In fact, it’s the women who are often more extreme than the men. (Cue sound of cracking whip.)

7. Oh, the things you’ll see! We mean the visuals by conceptual artist Rob Roth. If you loved his Black Party trailer video, that’s just the tip of the butt plug, but, as Roth says, it’s really the audience that makes the party so spectacular and he’s counting on patrons “serving the fierce dress code” to complete the picture.

8. Paws off! Those are real cops! A bit skittish about getting from the train to the party in high-whore-leather? Not to worry, the party has arranged for a discreet police presence to insure those assless chaps make it through the doors without an undue attention from the locals.

9. The Black Party Bus. A complimentary shuttle bus service will be available to ferry party goers from Manhattan to and from the Brooklyn warehouse location of The Black Party. CHECK THE LOCATION PAGE FOR DETAILS

10. You’ll be legendary. Probably for a number of reasons, but the one you can actually talk about will be that you’ve attended the worlds longest running, most elaborately produced, fetish party: The Black Party.

March 19, 2016 10 pm Saturday until Sunday Afternoon