by Steve Weinstein
Every year at the Spring Equinox, thousands of men gather together in an annual rite that echoes the ancient Druids. They don animal skins and meet in a dark, secret location where they dance in orgiastic rituals to guarantee that the coming months will be fertile. Such is the myth behind the most notorious leather- and fetish-themed event in the world, The Saint At Large’s The Black Party.
When Bruce Mailman, the impresario who built and ran the original Saint, was planning his megaclub, he put out a “mission statement” that clearly declared his intention for The Black Party. He harked back to a pre- Christian time when Druids were led by priests and drummers to the forest, to celebrate the advent of spring and each other. Mailman knew exactly what he was doing: By rooting a thoroughly modern dance party in ancient tradition, he imbued it with a deeper meaning. It represents something much more than just another circuit party. The Black Party is a celebration of sexuality, carnality, music and freedom.
Should you be find yourself in the sexual mosh pit of New York City’s Roseland Ballroom on this Saturday night, take a look around the dance floor. What you’ll see is a community: the community of men who love leather and fetishwear, and who love to dance. It’s a special, select world—and the team that runs The Saint At Large, the successor organization to Mailman’s original club, does everything it can to keep vibe underground, sexy and just a little dangerous.
The party that has come to define an entire culture enters its third decade. Sure, there are other leather-themed dance parties, but it remains the original, the biggest, baddest, and raunchiest.
What’s also amazing about The Black Party is that it transforms Roseland, a popular venue for rock concerts and corporate events, into a decorated dance club in only one day. On Friday night, an army of lighting techies, sound engineers, set designers and their minions invade the club. For the next 24 hours, they somehow manage to erect a surround-sound system, state of the art lighting structures and décor throughout the club to reflect the extravagant themes (for example “Schwarzwald,” where porn stars and performers acted out scenes influenced by German fairytales  or “Holy War” which blended the macho subculture of NASCAR races with America’s obsession with brand names.

The result is always amazing…

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