UberPool To The Black Party

Ride with uberPOOL to The Black Party!

We’ve partnered with Uber to give you $20 off your uberPOOL ride to or from The Black Party.

What is uberPOOL?

uberPOOL is the the newest product offering from Uber and it is the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient way to share a safe and reliable ride. Uber connects you with people riding along a similar route to get you to your destination quickly, at a price the fraction of a New York City taxi. An uberPOOL match guarantees a cheaper fare, and only adds a few minutes to your trip.

How does it work?

1. Open the Uber app and Enter the promo code SAINTATLARGE. Haven’t used Uber?
Sign up at

2. Make sure the uberPOOL button is turned on (note: uberPOOL is only available on uberX)

3. Request uberPOOL

P.S. New to uberPOOL? Check out the etiquette guide.